This portal is in some ways a continuation of a family journal for Applied Psychology Pro Mente Croatica whose motto was "A healthy mind in a healthy nation" (Mens sana in populo sano), which is dated from 1997 to 2006. People often asked me when the journal will start to come out again, emphasizing the increasing need for education in the field of mental hygiene, protection, and improvement of mental health. We are now launching the portal Pro Mente Croatica, and in the near future we also want to renew the printed magazine in Croatian and English, all with the aim of providing practical knowledge and skills for the preservation and improvement of health, psychoculture, and the quality of life. Mental health is closely linked to psychoculture or the culture of the soul (cultura animi). Culture is the way we live and the values ​​that we follow and create. Culture plays an important role in shaping our health, but it is no less important than the role of genes. The way we define ourselves, others and the world essentially subordinate our behavior and our personality and in health and in disease. Each of us is unique and unrepeatable person with a specific life history, belief systems and communication style. Increase mental, social and spiritual capital, and promotion of good neighborly relations, a clean environment, spiritual and moral values ​​closely associated with improving mental and spiritual health. The crisis, which is increasingly deepened in recent years has a negative impact on both the health of individuals and the health of the whole nation, and that this is a global crisis, it is a civilization.

The media offers plenty of theories and information about the man, the meaning of his existence, the motives of his behavior, the mental health and mental disorders. The problem is not lack of information, but what to do with the law of the jungle of conflicting information, a growing banalization of everything, the growing stratification of society, the growing barbarism, spectacularism, narcissism, hiperseksualizacijom, pornographization, exhibitionism, mediocrity ... In making important decisions need to know the information system interpret, critically evaluate, and synthesize properly understood, rational, logical, helpfully and creatively used. The ability to manipulate people never in history been higher, but not able to creative collaboration in building a civilization of peace, love and general well-being. In the 21st century is said to be the "century of the creative mind, or it will not be."

Task Portal Pro Mente Croatica is in providing practical knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of psihokulture. mental and spiritual health. The merits of the scientific evidence, and the applicability and usefulness in everyday life are basic principles. Offered knowledge and information will focus on the development of techniques of self-help and mutual assistance necessary for successful timely identification and resolution of different types of psychosocial, spiritual and health problems. Our portal will also be focused on promoting partnerships between health and insured between doctors and patients, between helpers and those who are helping, and all this with the desire to better, happier and healthier life for all of us. Promoting learning organization, creativity and fair play attitude in the private, business and public life, and self-respect as well as respect for and observance of, human rights of others, positive, free and innovative thinking, solidarity, cooperative and creative behavior, are very important objectives of our portal. Pro Mente Croatica is the portal for your soul and healthier lives, the happier and more beautiful anthem us our.

Prof. dr. Miro Jakovljevic